Specialist in heating systems

HögforsGST specialises in the manufacture, sale and marketing of high-quality heating systems. The owners and staff of the company have solid experience in purchase, manufacture, sale and marketing of HVAC systems in Europe and Asia, going back nearly 20 years.

We are an innovative and rapidly growing Finnish company that is committed to developing district heating expertise. We solve the heating problems of our clients with durable, environmentally friendly solutions. Our products are individually designed to suit each property. This ensures that our products have no match in functionality.

For us, it is highly important to ensure that our operation is efficient while also being fast and flexible. We also maintain high quality and develop it further. As our client, you can be certain that we keep our promises and deliver according to agreements, without delay.

For people and the enviroment

District heating is a safe and environmentally friendly form of heating, and particularly suitable for demanding conditions. Centralised heat production keeps the environment clean and ensures efficient use of energy. The majority of district heat is produced through co-production of heat and electricity, allowing considerable savings in our use of energy sources.

It has been determined in the EU that co-production decreases consumption of fossil fuels by 30 per cent. The co-production of heat and electricity is therefore considered the most important individual way of decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases. Finland is a pioneer in co-production.

Energy plants produce and sell district heat to end clients. GST provides the substations that enable house owners to get the greatest benefit from district heating. We use only components provided by the most reliable manufacturers. The heat transfer and handling capabilities of the substation are of the highest class.