HögforsGST specialises in the manufacture, sale and marketing of high-quality heating systems. The owners and staff of the company have solid experience in purchase, manufacture, sale and marketing of HVAC systems in Europe and Asia, going back nearly 20 years.

We are an innovative and rapidly growing Finnish company that is committed to developing district heating expertise.

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Baltic Pearl is a new city district for approximately 35,000 residents in Russia, near the city of St. Petersburg. The project is being funded by the Chinese Shanghai Industrial Investment Company (SIIC) and includes residential areas and public buildings, as well as shopping centres...

Högfors GST Baltic Pearl

HögforsGST for Consumers

Over half a million people already live in homes where domestic water and rooms are heated using HögforsGST substations. District heating is a reliable and care-free heating solution. Requiring little in the way of maintenance, district heating lets residents focus on enjoying their homes to the fullest. HögforsGST is an experienced and responsible operator whose products are durable, efficient and easy to use.

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HögforsGST for Professionals

We provide high-quality product packages, heating and cooling solutions for the renovations and building of new properties. Our goal is to find the best solution for each customer's needs in cooperation with HVAC designers, energy production plants and contractors. We also offer a dimensioning service for HVAC designers.

Our aim is to find the best solutions for enhancing the energy usage and living comfort of properties and for increasing the life cycle of heating systems.