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Markus Karevaara has joined HögforsGST's sales team as Key Account Manager. Karevaara will be responsible for HögforsGST's energy accounts in Finland.
HögforsGST continues its strong growth journey by acquiring a district heating substations business, including a team of dedicated experts from Swedish heat exchanger manufacturer SWEP International AB. The acquired part concerns SWEP's Business Unit Systems in Gothenburg which has primarily served utility companies and the substation business in Sweden and Norway.
Improving efficiency in district heating isn't done only by investing in power plants but also by lowering the temperature level of the network. District heating companies also aim to lower the temperature of the return water. However, the latter largely depends on the energy companies' collaboration with their customers.
HögforsGST has appointed Petteri Tarkio as their Sales Director. Tarkio will be responsible for managing and developing HögforsGST's sales in the Finnish market.

Unis 100-1RF wall mounted substation is the latest addition to the Unis product family. Unis 100-1RF substation contains a single circuit to produce the hot water required by the heating network. The Unis 100-1RF substation is ideally suited as an additional circuit alongside an existing substation, as well as for independent heating, for example, in properties where there is no need for domestic hot water.


Heating technology company HögforsGST has appointed Janne Kouri as the new Head of R&D. Kouri’s long expertise in product design will strengthen HögforsGST’s capabilities in product development and managing R&D projects.
Mr. Sakari Toikkanen has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of HögforsGST.
HögforsGST has strengthened its management by appointing Mr. Pasi Taipalus as the company's new Chief Financial Officer. Taipalus stepped into his new role on January 2nd, 2023.
With support from Intera, HögforsGST answers the demand for heating and cooling solutions created by the energy transition by accelerating the company’s growth, development of solutions and internationalization.
HögforsGST’s new heat recovery air handling unit operates with improved efficiency and lower installation and operating costs. Thanks to an efficient three-phase cell, smaller pipelines, improved design and smart features, the new heat recovery unit improves heat recovery performance and shortens payback time. Read more from the article!


14.9.2022 -
HybridHEAT is an energy-efficient heating system for both new buildings and renovated properties. Easy tender process, smooth planning and quick installation are features that are valued by all contractors. Residents also appreciate when the property’s heating is efficient and environmentally friendly.
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Geothermal heating or district heating - the future of the heating system is a hot topic for many property owners. What if we could have the best of both worlds? A smart hybrid heating system combines different heat sources seamlessly under one roof - saving money and energy at the same time.
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Is the summer heat getting too hot to handle? Hot summer weather has forced the owners of larger properties to consider how the living and working conditions could be improved by cooling down the building. A hybrid system is a perfect solution for that. Read the article to learn more!
6.6.2022 -
HögforsGST's Key Account Manager Åke Vikstedt, who has a long experience working within the energy industry, writes about the current developments in the Finnish district heating industry.