Unis substation for one- and two-family houses

The Unis product family is the right choice for the connection of one-family houses to district heating system. The Unis product family offers the right choices for new buildings and renovation projects fitted with a radiator, under-floor or air heating systems. Unis is a substation product family, which prides itself on its extensive and sound knowledge of district heating systems, efficient engineering and installation, as well as competent functional and visual design. The Unis substations are launched on the market by well-known district heating professionals.

The Unis substations are compact, lightweight and they have a carefully designed appearance. During design and implementation, special attention was given to the clarity, installability and usability of the substations. The original Unis is heating substation for one-family houses that contains, as standard equipment, a frequency changing heating pump with Class A energy labelling and an acid proof stainless steel pipe system. By these, Unis offers energy savings, comfort and durability. The result is a reliable and high-quality product that can rapidly be deployed.