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The energy system at HögforsGST's new plant is one of its kind: the unique HybridHEAT system utilizes the best of both heat pump technology and geothermal energy. The factory’s crown is a large solar power plant, which produces more electricity than the building consumes. The new factory is therefore a modern zero-energy building. Read more in the article!

HögforsGST has made an investment in Bithouse, a hardware and software development company based in Tampere, Finland. The investment is a natural continuation of the collaboration between HögforsGST's software development team and Bithouse, which has focused e.g. on the development of HögforsGST's Fiksu Control System.


HögforsGST is involved in the RESPONSE project, funded by the European Commission, which aims to create a strategic vision for the energy transition of smart cities towards climate neutrality by 2050. In order to realize this vision, RESPONSE strives to solve challenges related to energy security, affordability and environmental sustainability. RESPONSE is a project involving not only two lighthouse cities (Dijon and Turku) but also eight partner cities. RESPONSE is a part of the EU's Horizon 2020

HögforsGST has developed a new 3-step Mid-Cooling Connection for district heating substations, which differs from other commonly used connections. The 3-step connection improves the Delta T, which means that the new substation is significantly more energy efficient than existing district heating equipment.
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Although most of 2020's events were cancelled, we are happy to announce that Kaukolämpöpäivät and Finnbuild are running as planned. Kaukolämpöpäivät will be held in Jyväskylä at the end of August, whereas Finnbuild is scheduled for the beginning of October in Helsinki.
Construction work on HögforsGST's new factory has been completed on schedule and the new factory is now fully operational. The new factory adds 3,000 square meters of space, which allows for increased production capacity.

The old hospital environment of Kurjenlinna, built in the 19th century, is undergoing almost a complete transformation. The former hospital that was left to decay is currently being redeveloped for residential and office use, where history and state-of-the-art technology meet seamlessly.

The construction project for the new plant, which began in April 2019, has reached its final stage. HögforsGST's production facilities in Leppävirta will expand with a production area of ​​over 3,000 square meters, which will allow for increased production and increased investment in energy efficiency technology.

We have upgraded our Unis 25-2R, 100-2RF and 150-2RF substations to meet our customers’ high needs even better. Quality, reliability and improved operating ergonomics are at the heart of the upgrades. Our upgraded substations are now more robust to install, easier to handle and easier to maintain.


29.9.2020 - Antti Hartman
HögforsGST's Managing Director Antti Hartman says that a scrapping premium for old substations would benefit the district heating industry tremendously. Replacing old equipment with new technology would not only improve the energy efficiency of district heating, but also reduce CO2 emissions.
17.9.2020 - Antti Hartman
Have you ever wondered how homes will be heated in the future when fossil fuels have come to an end? In this blog, we present four future options for fossil fuels.
17.9.2020 - Antti Hartman

Have you ever wondered how homes will be heated in the future when the age of fossil fuels has come to an end? In this blog, we present three sustainable substitutes for fossil fuels. All presented forms of energy are already being utilized in energy production.

7.9.2020 -

Our blog series on future district heating will once again take a step towards better district heating, as lower temperatures get the spotlight. Why should district heating network temperatures be lowered and what are the benefits? These questions among many others are answered by our expert Jussi Sjöström and our Managing Director Antti Hartman.

21.8.2020 - Jussi Sjöström
HögforsGST's Fiksu is a smart control system that brings intelligence into heating systems. Fiksu is designed to make heating effortless and energy efficient. Read the article to see how a modern control system works!