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Unis substations are now even better!

We have upgraded our Unis 25-2R, 100-2RF and 150-2RF substations to meet our customers’ high needs even better. Quality, reliability and improved operating ergonomics are at the heart of the upgrades. Our upgraded substations are now more robust to install, easier to handle and easier to maintain.

Component updates provide a more robust and high quality package

Quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of all our operations, and the upgrade of Unis heat distribution centers was also carried out in accordance with these principles. Among the main components we have updated to higher quality heat exchangers, for example. The hot water heat exchanger is larger, which improves the reliability of the hot water control process under different conditions.

The new substations are also more robust. The redesigned piping and improved support for the controller unit allow for a sturdier package.

Smart design makes maintenance easier

The quality of the substation is not only measured by what happens in the pipes, but also the operating and maintenance ergonomics are important to us when designing our products. We have redesigned the Unis substations with convenience of the products’ whole lifespan in mind.

The new piping layout will simplify the handling of Unis substations right from the installation phase. The center is easier to handle and connections can be made more smoothly, either from top or bottom of the substation. The sturdy substation is now easy to move using a lifting strap, for example.

Serviceability has also been significantly improved by redesigning component placement: most of the components are now interchangeable without unnecessary disassembly of other components. For example, maintenance of the domestic hot water heat exchanger is easier with renewed models. Another innovation that improves serviceability, and work safety at the same time, is the vertical placement of the expansion vessel, which allows the vessel to be completely emptied prior to maintenance. This eliminates the need to move excess weight during maintenance and therefore makes component maintenance way easier.

Product development according to customer needs

We want to provide our customers with successful heating solutions and ensure our customers' satisfaction throughout the life cycle of the solution. That's why we continually develop our products and services based on our customers' experiences, without compromising on quality. This is what the upgrade of the Unis substations is all about!

This is not the end of our heat distribution center product development work, as we are also upgrading our other heat distribution center models to make them even better and easier to use. Be on the lookout for those announcements as well!