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If you are interested in the development of smart energy networks, you have come to the right place! Here you'll find our latest blogs on 4GDH, smart energy networks and many more!


CEO's Notes: District Heating needs a Scrapping Premium

HögforsGST's Managing Director Antti Hartman says that a scrapping premium for old substations would benefit the district heating industry tremendously. Replacing old equipment with new technology would not only improve the energy efficiency of district heating, but also reduce CO2 emissions.

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New Mid-Cooling Connection Improves District Heating's Efficiency

HögforsGST has developed a new 3-step Mid-Cooling Connection for district heating substations, which differs from other commonly used connections. The 3-step connection improves the Delta T, which means that the new substation is significantly more energy efficient than existing district heating equipment.

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Final Countdown for Fossil Fuels - How Do We Heat in the Future?

The role of fossil fuels in energy production is getting smaller as we speak, so what are the next steps? Our two-part blog series presents seven alternatives that can replace fossil fuels in the production of district heating.

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Lower temperatures required for 4GDH - How do we get there?

Our blog series on future district heating will once again take a step towards better district heating, as lower temperatures get the spotlight. Why should district heating network temperatures be lowered and what are the benefits?

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Fiksu saves energy - This is how smart heating works

HögforsGST's range of services also includes top-notch software expertise. HögforsGST's Fiksu is a smart control system that brings intelligence into heating systems. Fiksu is designed to make heating effortless and energy efficient.

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Future of District Heating - Towards Smarter Energy Networks

Smart solutions play a vital role in district energy systems' transition towards smart energy networks. Read our experts' take on how smart solutions are here to stay!

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Best after the sun - 4GDH

Our experienced energy industry expert Åke Vikstedt wrote a piece about the development of district energy. "It is worthwhile to utilize the best pieces of different technologies and production methods, make the most suitable combination for them and put the energy they acquire into circulation"

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Future of District Heating Blog Series

The three-part blog series takes you through the development of district heating systems. First part covers the very first steps of district heating and the development until the 1970's. Second part focuses on the development of the present district heating system, also known as the third generation of district heating. Third part sheds some light on the fourth generation of district heating, also known as 4GDH. 

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Two out of three renovations are started too late - Plan ahead and save money!

Majority of Finnish housing companies start their HVAC renovations when the pipes are already leaking. Proactive planning of renovations not only save stress and money, but also gives a chance to prepare energy efficiency renovations at the same time. Read how planning ahead is beneficial for you and your property!

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Energy Renovation - A Climate-friendly Way of Saving Money

How to keep the living costs under control? What about comfort, could it be improved in any way? How about the value of the property? The answer is yes you can, with a proper energy renovation, which also reduces your housing emissions. Take a look on the benefits of energy renovations!

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Why Are Inverter Compressors Superior in Heat Recovery?

Our heating and cooling expert Juha Virkki wrote a piece on the benefits of choosing an inverter compressor to your ground source heat pump or heat recovery system.

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Heat Recovery: Frequently Asked Questions

In this article by Jussi Sjöström we tackle the frequently asked questions about heat recovery systems. Read on to learn what is the lifetime of a heat recovery system, how to compare different solutions and what is the difference between hardware and system supplier.

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Why does it smell in here? Fresh indoor air is not something to be taken for granted

Poor indoor air quality is a common problem especially in older apartment buildings. Read our blog about how a modern HVAC system can improve both air quality and energy efficiency.

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”Incredible savings – there must be some kind of a mistake!”

The savings produced by HybridHEAT might sometimes to be hard to believe, but trust us, the system really works. Read Antti Hartman's story on a visit he made to see how one of our customers' HybridHEAT system had worked.

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