Unis 225-250 Wall Mounted Substation

Unis 225-250 substations are suitable for connecting row houses and small apartment buildings to district heating. The control panel includes two control circuits: one for hot water supply and another for the hot water required by the heating network.

All of our Unis substations have recently gone through a redesign, which makes the substations easier to maneuver, install and maintain. The new and improved Unis substations boast the following new features

- Improved components, such as heat exchangers
- Sturdier structure makes the substation more robust
- Redesigned layout for the pipes: better maneuverability and easier installation. New layout also makes maintenance easier

The installation of the substation requires only pipe connections for district heating, heating circuit and domestic hot water circuit. No additional installation is required after the outdoor sensor and socket installation: the centers have a plug connector as a standard. The pipelines can be connected either from the top or bottom of the substation. Pipe connections for heating circuits can also be used as a branch, saving work time and providing a neat installation at the same time.

The substation is equipped with an energy efficient frequency converter pump and acid-proof stainless steel pipes. Pumps and other high-quality components bring savings in both energy and money. The durability of the unit, in turn, provides worry-free everyday life to the homeowner. For added convenience, a hot water anticipation sensor ensures fast, steady hot water.