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HögforsGST is developing its technological capabilities with an investment in Bithouse

HögforsGST has made an investment in Bithouse, a hardware and software development company based in Tampere, Finland. The investment is a natural continuation of the collaboration between HögforsGST's software development team and Bithouse, which has focused e.g. on the development of HögforsGST's Fiksu Control System.

Antti Hartman, Managing Director of HögforsGST, is pleased with the cooperation between HögforsGST and Bithouse. The aim of the investment is to support Bithouse's growth and secure HögforsGST's foothold as a pioneer in heating technology.

- The investment in Bithouse brings us additional momentum for the development of smart solutions, such as the Fiksu Control System. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best heating systems in the world, and we believe that joining forces with an expert like Bithouse makes reaching this goal possible.

The collaboration between HögforsGST's own software development team and Bithouse has already been long and fruitful, but the investment takes it to a new level. Tommi Nummelin, CEO of Bithouse, which specializes in hardware and software development for building and industrial automation, thinks that the cooperation between Bithouse and HögforsGST is significant for both parties.

- From Bithouse's point of view, it's great to have a top heating and cooling expert like HögforsGST as a partner. An even deeper partnership will also allow us to invest more in the development of new technology.

The heating industry is currently undergoing a major revolution as heating systems are becoming a part of smart and low emission living environments. Investments in smart technologies are also an integral cornerstone of HögforsGST's growth strategy.

- Bithouse's expertise in software and protocol development strengthens our own Fiksu development team. Additional investment is needed as the demand for smart and integrated control systems like Fiksu is constantly growing. For example, the district heating industry is currently making a major shift towards smart and low-emission fourth-generation district heating. We aim to meet this demand even more in the future, Hartman concludes.

Antti Hartman
Managing Director, HögforsGST Oy
+358 400 738 325 

Tommi Nummelin
CEO, Bithouse Oy
+358 50 358 2756

HögforsGST is a Finnish company that specialises in the manufacture, sale and marketing of high-quality heating and cooling systems. The owners and staff of the company have solid experience in purchase, manufacture, sales and marketing of HVAC systems in Europe and Asia, going back nearly 20 years. We manufacture all of our products in our factory, which is located in Leppävirta along with our company headquarters. HögforsGST has two subsidiaries: GSTerm AB in Sweden and HøgforsGST AS in Norway.

Bithouse Oy is a Finnish company specializing in hardware and software development for real estate and industrial automation. Bithouse specializes in e.g. BACnet , Modbus and M- Bus software and hardware development.

Antti Hartman
Managing Director
+358 400 738 325