Energy used wisely

We at HögforsGST have been developing heating solutions and hybrid energy products for decades. Our goal is to offer our customers genuinely wiser and adaptive ways to use energy — both for the benefit of the environment and your budget. 

Energy solutions for high standards

We design and manufacture our own district heating and cooling substations, hybrid heating substations, control systems, and industrial energy solutions in Finland. We do this so we can ensure our solutions meet our high standards. This makes us able to guarantee that you as our customer truly benefit from designing, installing and using our wiser energy solutions.

HybridHEAT system pictured in an apartment building's technical room

What is hybrid

Hybrid heating is a wise and modern property heating solution. It can be installed in various types of properties, from town houses into large industrial complexes. What’s unique about hybrid heating is that a hybrid substation can utilize several different heat sources and optimize their use according to e.g. cost of electricity. 

Property managers

Are you looking for energy renovation options to present at the next housing association meeting? With us, you can find options that use energy wisely and increase the value of your property. In addition to district and geothermal heating, you should consider hybrid heating and control systems.


We can help you answer your customers’ questions and solve their challenges when it comes to heating systems. We want to make your work as easy as possible both on the job site and in customer meetings.

Let us help you keep your customers happy by ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the job site and that your projects are completed on schedule and on budget.


Energy and heating solutions are made-to-order projects: with us you will find materials that you can use to help your design process. Whether you need hybrid heating, district heating, cooling, or geothermal heat, we want to make sure that you get the best possible information to support your project plan. You deserve experienced and insightful support – and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

Energy industry

We at HögforsGST have a long experience of working with energy companies. We are investing heavily in product development and in recent years have presented several fourth-generation district heating (4GDH) solutions.