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Hybrid heating

  • Heating costs are usually the largest single expense for properties.
  • HybridHEAT is the most energy-efficient solution for apartment buildings or commercial properties as it reduces heating costs by up to 50%.
  • The hybrid solution combines energy from different heat sources and utilizes waste heat to heat the property.

Traditional heating systems are built to utilize only one heat source. HybridHEAT is a futureproof heating system that integrates different heat sources into one functional unit.

HybridHEAT is a perfect fit for the heating needs of terraced houses, apartment buildings, and large properties such as office and commercial buildings.

Three reasons to choose HybridHEAT

  • Combine district heating with renewable energy sources
  • Up to 50% savings in heating costs
  • Enjoy the benefits of a ground source heating system but with smaller investment costs

The most popular hybrid heating combinations

District Heating & Exhaust Air Heat Recovery

By integrating district heating with exhaust air heat recovery systems, we capture and repurpose waste heat from your building’s ventilation system, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing heating costs. We guarantee the system’s efficiency with high-end components, such as the air handling unit, which we design and manufacture in-house.

Recommended for

  • Blocks of flats
  • Large commercial and industrial properties
District Heating & Ground Source Heating

Our hybrid systems seamlessly combine the reliability of district heating with the renewable energy potential of ground source heating, leveraging the earth’s natural warmth to supplement your building’s heating demands. With a hybrid solution, you will gain the best of both worlds from district heating and ground source heating, without the large initial investment associated with ground source heating systems.

Recommended for

  • Terraced houses
  • Blocks of flats
  • Larger properties

Hybrid heating is suitable for many property types

The beauty of hybrid heating is that a hybrid heating can be utilized to great effect in various types of properties. They are suited for  

  • terraced houses  
  • apartment buildings 
  • public buildings 
  • housing districts 
  • commercial buildings 
  • industrial complexes 

Just let us know what kind of property it is for which you need an energy solution, and we can get on it, create a proposition and offer you the right kind of solution! 

HybridHEAT – A system full of benefits

We at HögforsGST are experts in heating systems. With us, the projects proceed smoothly from design to implementation and you’ll receive a reliable heating solution and comprehensive technical support.

HybridHEAT is the latest innovation in our product line-up. Its strengths are the generated savings, long life span and smooth delivery. The system is also environmentally friendly as it significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and allows the building to utilize renewable energy in heating.

Every HybridHEAT system comes with a possibility to later connect additional heating sources to the system. All of this reduces the energy consumption during the heating season.

Products for Hybrid heating

The best part of HybridHEAT? The whole system, including all components and the wise Fiksu Control System, is delivered by HögforsGST. Instead of multiple component suppliers and divided responsibilities, we make sure the system works as it should. That said, the whole system is covered by our extensive warranty.

Every HybridHEAT system is designed, manufactured and tested in our factory in Leppävirta, Finland. This ensures that every system meets our quality standards. Below you’ll find more information about the key components of our HybridHEAT system: the HybridREADY substation, which acts as the heart of the system, and the Heat Recovery Unit.

HybridREADY Substation

Engineered for those with foresight, our HybridREADY substations are in the heart of HybridHEAT systems. It is a state-of-the-art substation designed to accommodate district heating’s seamless integration with future renewable energy sources such as ground source heating or exhaust air heat recovery.

HögforsGST Heat Recovery Unit

Our redesigned heat recovery unit is one of the most important pieces of the modern HybridHEAT system. An efficient heat recovery unit enables property owners to achieve significant cost savings and emission reductions when waste heat from the exhaust air is recycled in heating the property.

HögforsGST LTO air handling unit

Getting started

To explore HögforsGST’s hybrid heating solutions, feel free to browse through the material provided on our website and contact our sales team! Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to evaluate your building’s heating and cooling needs and recommend the ideal solution for your requirements.