23 000€ Savings in a Year With Heat Recovery

As Oy Yliopistonkatu 12 is a residential building located in Turku, Finland. The property was built in the 1950’s and there are 62 apartments and 29 business spaces in the building. The co-operation between the residential apartment building and HögforsGST was initially started for economic reasons.

“Expenses and fees always tend to go up, so we started looking for savings. We started exploring options for heat recovery, says Ilkka Elovaara, a board member of the condominium.

The high quality of HögforsGST’s equipment and a good compressor, and especially the remote monitoring provided, convinced Elovaara of the project. Therefore HögforsGST became the system provider.

The investment quickly pays for itself

– The first year of cooperation is now behind us, and the savings are easy to calculate. During the first year, the savings came to be € 23,000, and for this building, the investment will pay off in six to seven years, ”says Elovaara.

The condominium has a contract of Fiksu Control System with HögforsGST that enables remote monitoring. Depending on the service package, the Fiksu Contract includes remote monitoring and management, as well as optimization.

– The system shows daily how much heat has been generated and how much electricity has been consumed, explains Elovaara, who is monitoring the numbers.

Collaboration has been a positive experience

HögforsGST strives to design products on a property-by-property basis and to solve customers’ heating problems in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Elovaara particularly emphasizes financial savings when reporting on the benefits of the HybridHEAT system.

– Customer relationship has been a positive experience and cooperation has continued to be good. There have been no drawbacks. I would gladly recommend it to others,” says Elovaara.

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