Extensive history and modern energy solutions create a sustainable entity

The dormant site of the former Kurjenmäki hospital in Turku has been revived, with its buildings repurposed as apartments and offices. The property developer Kiinteistökartio Oy acquired the properties from the city of Turku and carried out extensive renovations to them.

– We are fond of old buildings. We have grown threefold over the past fifteen years, and we now have seven buildings that are designated as cultural properties. We gained four more of them in the Kurjenlinna trade, says Niko Lappalainen, managing director at Kiinteistökartio.

– We often undertake energy projects where we strive to minimize the carbon footprint, which also means lower costs of living, Lappalainen continues.

Niko Lappalainen and Kiinteistökartio always strive for maximum energy efficiency in their projects

A historical building complex

Construction here began in 1894, a year that is prominently displayed on the facade of one of the buildings. The Kurjenlinna complex includes 64 apartments and 11 offices. The renewal project was a bigger endeavor than originally imagined, taking a total of two years to complete.

– Hopefully we are finished here and there is no need to rebuild for a while, Lappalainen notes with a smile.

It was clear to Kiinteistökartio from the get-go that Kurjenlinna was to be built for maximum energy efficiency. The doors and windows were selected based on their energy class, while energy efficiency was prioritized in the heating and cooling system as well. Partnering with HögforsGST was thus the obvious choice.

– We have used various heating systems over the years, including air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and heat recovery systems. Now we wanted to combine them into one big system. The equipment supplied by HögforsGST has been designed and programmed to support all these different technologies, Lappalainen points out.

We visited Kurjenlinna’s construction site back in 2020. You can read an article about the visit through the link below.

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The oldest parts of Kurjenlinna date back to 1894!

HybridHEAT with heat recovery

Kurjenlinna is heated and cooled with HögforsGST’s HybridHEAT smart hybrid heating system, which combines geothermal heating, heat recovery, and an electric boiler into one energy-efficient system.

Geothermal wells provide heat in the winter, while energy derived from the same wells for free is utilized for cooling in the summer. Furthermore, compressor technology helps extract every last bit of heat for use from the heat recovery system.

– A great aspect of HögforsGST’s service is their web-based Fiksu Control System. The interface gives easy access to all the building’s technical systems, pumps, and any relevant information. Compared to similar tools from competitors, I find it easier to use for monitoring and controlling the equipment. Adjusting the settings is where you really begin to cut costs. The system detects any issues and alerts the user so that action can be taken, Lappalainen explains.

According to Lappalainen, HybridHEAT helps to reduce living costs and the carbon footprint of Kurjenlinna’s residents

The equipment has been tested and designed for use at the particular site in advance, and nowadays, 3D modeling allows optimizing the system to accommodate all the pipes and equipment to the conditions on location. This reduces both the amount of pipes needed and the time required for installation.

– Working with HögforsGST has been easy from the start. It really feels like they are on our side as we cooperate to improve heating technology and minimize expenses, Lappalainen says.

– If you’re considering acquiring this type of equipment, I would recommend at least contacting HögforsGST for a bid and comparing it to a competitor’s offer to determine the differences and benefits. HögforsGST tailored the system around our specific needs, Lappalainen says in conclusion.

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