Excellent result with a HybridHEAT system combining three heat sources

Finnish real estate investment and development company Premico chose hybrid heating when it was upgrading the heating system of one of its properties in Vantaa, Southern Finland. Their advanced HybridHEAT system combines three heat sources: district heating, exhaust air heat recovery, and geothermal heat.

Kai Mäki from Premico couldn’t be happier with the result. In 2020, HögforsGST delivered a HybridHEAT system combining district heating, geothermal heat, and exhaust air heat recovery to one of Premico’s properties in Vantaa. Mäki says they chose HögforsGST as the system supplier based on Premico’s previous experience with HögforsGST.

– The cooperation with HögforsGST has been working very well in the past. Therefore, it was an easy choice to start working with them on this project.

The expectations were high, and HögforsGST truly stood up to those expectations. Once again.

– The result was excellent, Mäki says.

The quick installation makes project management easier

HybridHEAT is an easy choice for the property owner, as it includes all the necessary components: equipment like substations and heat pumps all come from HögforsGST. The delivery also includes the Fiksu Control System designed by HögforsGST. When the entire system comes from one supplier, the property owner’s life becomes easier: all the components work seamlessly together, and one company takes care of potential warranty issues. One system supplier, one responsibility!

The installation of the system was quick. HybridHEAT, factory-tested and delivered to the site as ready-made modules, is designed with the needs of contractors and customers in mind. Kai Mäki was also satisfied with the installation phase for a reason.

– The installations took five weeks, which I think is a pretty good performance from the contractor, says Mäki. The site’s contractor was Etec Automation.

HybridHEAT offers a good return on investment – the amount of purchased energy was halved

The district heating consumption of this building comprising 74 apartments is usually around 800 megawatt hours per year. Mäki estimates that HybridHEAT can halve the amount of purchased energy, which also means significant financial savings.

One of the real estate investor’s priorities is also to guarantee the positive value development of the property and the return on the investment. Hybrid heating also helps here because the system installed in Kulotie is estimated to have a payback time of about nine years, which is a reasonable payback period for an investment of 250,000 euros. In addition, the system combines the best aspects of three different heating methods, which keeps the property’s value good and helps optimize heating costs in the future.

Fiksu Control System enables live monitoring of the heating system

An essential part of Kulotie’s hybrid heating system is the Fiksu Control System developed by HögforsGST, which can be used to control the heating system remotely.

– For example, we can see live data from the control system on energy consumption and savings. In addition, all the essential functions of the heating system can be accessed remotely through the control system, says Mäki.

Adjusting and optimizing the heating system is easy, thanks to the remote control system. Fiksu also produces comprehensive reports on, for example, energy consumption, the energy produced by heat pumps, and financial savings. Diagnosing possible problem situations can also be done remotely, reducing the number of costly maintenance visits.

Kai Mäki and Premico are very satisfied with the project: the system’s installation went smoothly, and the system started saving money right from the beginning. Mäki will gladly work together with HögforsGST in the future as well.

– I look forward to more energy-saving projects like this, Mäki concludes.