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Solutions for apartment buildings

The world is changing rapidly, and the need to make heating and cooling more energy-efficient is higher than ever. Our wise energy solutions are meticulously crafted to provide efficient, dependable, and sustainable heating and cooling for residential apartment buildings of all shapes and sizes.

We offer you a sound investment for the future. Our wisely designed heating and cooling systems pay themselves back quickly and can remarkably reduce heating bills. With us, you’ll invest in a solution that is as optimal as it is future-proof.

Below, you will find information about our district heating substations, district cooling solutions, and hybrid heating solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your property.

District heating substations

GST Substations

GST substations form the core of our product line-up. GST substations have been heating buildings worldwide for over 20 years efficiently and reliably. GST is the baseline option for reliable heating for all buildings.

What is a district heating substation?

A district heating substation is a vital component of a district heating system. It serves as the interface between the larger district heating network and individual buildings, ensuring that each home receives the right amount of heating energy.

FiksuGST Substation

FiksuGST is a state-of-the-art substation with a wise Fiksu Control System. FiksuGST is designed to elevate your energy efficiency and make your property use energy wisely. Remote control, peak power limitation, and flow optimization are just a few of the energy-saving features that FiksuGST boasts.

HybridREADY Substation

Engineered for those with foresight, our HybridREADY substations are designed to accommodate district heating’s seamless integration with future renewable energy sources such as ground source heating or exhaust air heat recovery.

HybridREADY provides adaptability and scalability for your building’s heating requirements.

District cooling solutions

District cooling substation at a technical room

Complementing our heating solutions, we offer GST district cooling substations to maintain a comfortable indoor environment for residents during warmer seasons.

Hybrid heating solutions

HögforsGST specializes in hybrid heating solutions that combine district heating with other renewable energy sources to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability.

HögforsGST’s wisely designed HybridHEAT system can combine different heat sources seamlessly and effectively. The whole system’s efficiency is guaranteed by our own Fiksu Control System, which allows for remote monitoring and optimization of the heating system.

The most popular hybrid heating combinations

District Heating & Exhaust Air Heat Recovery

By integrating district heating with exhaust air heat recovery systems, we capture and repurpose waste heat from your building’s ventilation system, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing heating costs. We guarantee the system’s efficiency with high-end components, such as the air handling unit, which we design and manufacture in-house.

District Heating & Ground Source Heating

Our hybrid systems seamlessly combine the reliability of district heating with the renewable energy potential of ground source heating, leveraging the earth’s natural warmth to supplement your building’s heating demands. With a hybrid solution, you will gain the best of both worlds from district heating and ground source heating, without the large initial investment associated with ground source heating systems.

Getting started

To explore HögforsGST’s solutions for apartment buildings, feel free to browse through the material provided on our website and contact our sales team! Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to evaluate your building’s heating and cooling needs and recommend the ideal solution for your requirements.