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Solutions for industrial and commercial buildings

Companies need to make their processes and properties as energy-efficient as possible. Our wise energy solutions help businesses tackle their energy challenges effortlessly and cost-efficiently.

Investing in our solutions offers a solid foundation for the future. Our meticulously designed heating and energy systems yield rapid returns, significantly reducing heating bills while ensuring long-term sustainability. When you partner with us, you’re investing in a solution that optimizes operations and future-proofs your facility.

Here’s a brief introduction to our product offering to industrial and commercial properties.

District heating substations

Our diverse selection of district heating substations is perfectly suited to industrial and commercial buildings. Whether you require a basic substation or a more advanced model with smart features, we have you covered.

GST Substations

GST substations define the standard for dependable heating and cooling for all types of industrial and commercial facilities. No matter how big your facility is, we have the solution!

In addition to substations, you’ll also find heat exchangers of all shapes and sizes from us. Contact our sales for more information.

What is a district heating substation?

A district heating substation is a vital component of a district heating system. It serves as the interface between the larger district heating network and individual buildings, ensuring that each home receives the right amount of heating energy.

FiksuGST Substation

Equipped with the wise Fiksu Control System, FiksuGST is a state-of-the-art substation designed to enhance energy efficiency and promote wise energy usage in all kinds of properties. Featuring remote control, peak power limitation, and flow optimization, FiksuGST offers a host of energy-saving features.

District cooling solutions

District cooling substation at a technical room

In addition to our heating solutions, we offer GST district cooling substations to ensure a comfortable indoor environment for occupants during warmer seasons.

We have delivered district cooling solutions to e.g., Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle and SEB Bank’s office complex in Stockholm.

Hybrid heating solutions

HögforsGST specializes in hybrid heating solutions that combine district heating with other renewable energy sources to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability for industrial and commercial buildings.

Our wisely designed HybridHEAT system seamlessly integrates different heat sources, with the entire system’s efficiency guaranteed by our proprietary Fiksu Control System, allowing for remote monitoring and optimization. HybridHEAT is a scalable solution that has generated savings in all kinds of use cases, ranging from communal housing to large systems that provide heating and cooling to entire neighborhoods.

The most popular hybrid heating combinations

District Heating & Exhaust Air Heat Recovery

By integrating district heating with exhaust air heat recovery systems, we capture and repurpose waste heat from your building’s ventilation system, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing heating costs. Our high-end components, such as the in-house-designed air handling unit, ensure system efficiency.

District Heating & Ground Source Heating

Our hybrid system seamlessly blends the reliability of district heating with the renewable energy potential of ground source heating, leveraging the earth’s natural warmth to supplement your building’s heating demands. With a hybrid solution, you gain the benefits of both district heating and ground-source heating without the large initial investment associated with ground-source heating systems.

Read more about our HybridHEAT cases for industrial buildings

Getting started

To explore HögforsGST solutions for industrial and commercial buildings, please contact our sales team! Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to evaluate your building’s heating and cooling needs and recommend the ideal solution to fulfill your requirements.