Biggest Office Project in the History of Sweden

Stockholm’s Arenastaden is one of the most modern districts of Northern Europe. The area is home to the Friends Arena, the Mall of Scandinavia and several new residential and office buildings. SEB, with approximately 4,000 employees, moved to a new office during 2017-2018.

Three connected buildings

SEB’s office consists of three separate buildings connected by glazed overpasses. The buildings are 7-14 storeys high with a total area of ​​90,000 m2 and featuring 600 meeting rooms. The buildings also feature commercial activities such as restaurants, a gym and cafés on the ground floor.

– We are very pleased to be involved in this project, says Urban Gustavsson of HögforsGST Sweden. Our client in this demanding project is Sandbäckens Rör, who were responsible for HVAC and sprinkler installation at SEB’s new office. The fact that we were once again involved in such a big and eye-catching project shows that we have a good reputation in the market, that our products are at the cutting edge and that our overall offer is attractive. We supply large prefabricated district heating and cooling units to the SEB office, which are of course tailored to the real estate requirements.

Aiming to save time

Sandbäckens Rör has previously carried out HVAC installations at the Mall of Scandinavia in Arenastaden.

“The reason why HögforsGST was chosen to implement the SEB office is largely because we wanted to save time in the final phase of the project,” says Ralf Lundqvist, Project Manager at Sandbäckens Rör. HögforsGST’s factory-ready substations allow us to complete the job a lot quicker. The common center of the three buildings is in the last house to be built. It is therefore important to get everything up and running quickly.


  • • 4 district heating substations
  • • 4 district cooling substations