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About HögforsGST

Energy used wisely.

HögforsGST is a Finnish company that specialises in the manufacture, sale and marketing of high-quality heating and cooling systems. The owners and staff of the company have solid experience in purchase, manufacture, sale and marketing of HVAC systems in Europe and Asia, going back nearly 20 years. We manufacture all of our products in our factory in Leppävirta. HögforsGST has two subsidiaries: GSTerm AB in Sweden and HøgforsGST AS in Norway.

Change is constant. As the world keeps continuously transforming its climate, economy, and ways of living itself, experience becomes an integral
asset. Because only by learning from the past, one can successfully navigate tomorrow.

At HögforsGST, we’ve been developing energy solutions for over 20 years. Decades of experience have given us profound knowledge of how to create solutions for wiser energy use – both for the benefit of the environment and your budget.

In a world with rapidly changing needs for smarter energy use, we are the partner you can rely on. We solve any heating requirement with our sustainable applications, all scalable to fit any scenario or need. We offer either an individual product or an entire energy solution, guaranteed to work seamlessly together and to help your real estate to use its energy optimally and sustainably.

Based in the Nordics, we also know well how demanding weather conditions can lead to wasted energy use. That’s why we continuously work together with our partners to develop better solutions with a clear goal: to offer our customers genuinely wiser and adaptive ways to use energy, allowing them to cut down on costs and emissions while assisting them through every step of the way.

The world may keep changing. But change is easier to face when you know how to embrace it.

HögforsGST 's hybrid heating system

HögforsGST ‘s experts
at your service.

Versatility is our strength: our product and service range includes a wide variety of solutions for the needs of individual property owners as well as energy companies and other heating professionals. We are the leading substation supplier in Scandinavia, and our advanced heat recovery solutions reduce emissions and save on heating costs.

The recipe for our success is ultimately quite simple: we take care of our customers, the environment, and the top quality of our products and services. We solve our customers’ heating problems with sustainable, environmentally friendly applications and design our products to suit each property. This ensures that our products have no match in functionality.

For us, it is highly important to ensure that our operation is efficient while also being fast and flexible. We also maintain high quality and constantly develop it. As our client, you can be certain that we keep our word and deliver according to agreements, without delay.

HögforsGST 's headquarters and production facilities in Leppävirta, Finland.

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