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Company policies

HögforsGST Oy’s operations are guided by an operating system. The operating system takes into account the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental standards, as well as the laws related to operations and customer requirements.

The quality of products and services as well as consideration for the environment is an important operational goal of ours. The quality of operations is created in the skilled hands of regularly trained personnel. Employees are aware of the effects of their work on the environment. Product development coupled with know-how enables high-quality operations and environmentally friendly products on the principle of continuous development.

The operation of our processes is well-documented, and we have identified the stakeholder requirements that apply to us, as well as the business risks and opportunities. We utilize the information and metrics we receive from our processes as part of goal-oriented management. Improving environmental performance is based on assessing the impact of identified environmental points and reducing significant environmental factors.

HögforsGST Oy’s management and personnel undertake to follow the procedures of the operating system.