New winds are blowing in Jyväskylä: a modern HybridHEAT system has been installed in the local Volvo Truck Center, after moving to a new location. The system combines geothermal energy and district heating in the property’s heating and cooling. Åke Vikstedt, Key Account Manager for HögforsGST, says that the project was also special from HögforsGST’s point of view.

– The system delivered to Volvo Truck Center was also an interesting project to us, as the system was a turnkey delivery. The systems are usually delivered as modules that are assembled on site by a local contractor, but this time we had our own team of for the assembly. The same team also assembled and tested the system back at the factory before the delivery.

The piping, electricity and automation of the HybridHEAT system were assembled by HögforsGST’s crew. Also, in the design phase of the system, new working approaches were piloted, as the system was designed and 3D modeled exactly according to the dimensions of the space available. In addition, the assembled system has been documented with the help of a Matterport device using point cloud technology. This allows anyone to examine the system in detail with VR glasses or regular internet browser.

Discover Volvo Truck Center Jyväskylä’s heating system!

Geothermal energy carries the main load – District Heating supports during consumption peaks

Volvo Truck Center’s main heat source is environmentally friendly geothermal energy, which also helps to cool the building in summer.

– Geothermal heat pumps generate as much energy as they can. When the geothermal capacity is no longer enough to meet the need, district heating is added to the mix, Vikstedt says.

It is estimated that about 80% of the building’s heating is provided by geothermal energy. The role of district heating is to act both as a supporting heat source for geothermal energy and as a backup system in case of a malfunction in the geothermal system. In other words, the system can take 100% of its heating energy from district heating, if necessary.

At the heart of the HybridHEAT system is the HybridREADY substation, which is designed to combine several different energy sources. The geothermal heat pumps are connected to the substation with a separate ConnectHYBRID module. Two MIX shunts distribute thermal energy for ventilation and underfloor heating, one unit for each circuit. The entire system is controlled by the Fiksu Control System developed by HögforsGST.

HybridREADY substation is the heart of the system

The system not only heats but also cools the property during the summer.

– The system also includes a separate substation for cooling. The cooling system utilizes the natural coolness of the ground and, if necessary, the power of the heat pumps. Excess heat that is generated during the cooling process is transferred and stored to the geothermal wells, from where the energy is available for heating during the winter, Vikstedt adds.

Of course, domestic hot water production is done at the same time: hot water from the heat pumps’ superheaters is used to heat the domestic hot water circuit. In this case, district heating is not required.

A modern heating system supports Volvo’s climate strategy – and saves money!

The HybridHEAT system, which utilizes geothermal energy efficiently, is also in line with Volvo’s strategy, as Volvo has set a goal of being a climate-neutral company by 2040. In addition to being environmentally friendly, HybridHEAT also saves on heating costs.

– The savings brought by the system are partly dependent on the development of energy prices, but it is possible to cut the operating costs in half with HybridHEAT, Vikstedt estimates.

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HögforsGST’s delivery to Volvo Truck Center in Jyväskylä

  • Fill unit for geothermal circuit
  • Two heat pumps
  • Buffer accumulator
  • HybridREADY substation
  • ConnectHYBRID
  • MIX shunts for ventilation and underfloor heating
  • Fill 100 Easy filling unit for cooling
  • 3D modeling of the system
  • Manufacture of pipelines between prefabricated modules
  • On-site assembly of the system
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