Strand Hotel Borgholm Saves Money With HybridHEAT

On the island of Öland in Sweden, Hotel Strand is investing in HybridHEAT to reduce their heating costs and environmental impact.

When Thomas Pettersson, CEO of Strand Hotel Öland, first heard of the benefits of HybridHEAT, he was skeptical, but also curious.

“When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But in this case, I was wrong, ”he says today.

Like a hundred property owners before him, Thomas could soon enjoy at least 40% savings in district heating, thanks to HybridHEAT, a smart innovation from HögforsGST. The hybrid heating system recovers energy from ventilation and recycles it back to the heating system. This will reduce the need for district heating.

“It’s a big amount of money saved for us,” says Thomas Pettersson. “We can invest the money saved in the hotel business in the future.” HögforsGST’s HybridHeat system offers 40% savings for at least 25 years. From the cost point of view, every KWh saved on heating improves the return on this investment.

Thomas Petterson is very pleased and encourages others to do the smart choice and invest in HybridHEAT!

Strand Hotel Borgholm och Thomas Pettersson