Combining different heat sources through hybrid heating is getting increasingly popular around Northern Europe. We wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about hybrid heating, its basic functionalities and the benefits it generates!

What is hybrid heating? How does it differ from “regular heating”?

By definition, a hybrid means a combination of two or more things. When talking about heating, hybrid heating refers to a heating system capable of combining two or more heat sources.

In a “normal” heating system, only one heat source (e.g., electricity, geothermal or district heating) is utilized, while a hybrid can combine them.

A special hybrid heating substation takes care of combining different heat sources. The hybrid heating substation is a more developed version of the traditional district heating substation.

HögforsGST heat recovery unit on a rooftop

Exhaust air heat recovery is a popular form of heating in HybridHEAT-systems. A heat recovery unit pictured in Turku, Finland.

Which heat sources can be incorporated into a hybrid heating system?

Practically any heat source can be connected to a hybrid system: district heating, geothermal heat, exhaust air heat recovery, various heat pumps, solar energy, electric boiler, oil heating… Whatever your property needs, hybrid heating can handle it!

Hybrid heating makes it possible for the property to use an energy portfolio that is most suitable for their needs: some properties want to have emission-free heat sources, while others want to combine reliable district heating with heat recovery, for instance.

What kind of properties is hybrid heating suitable for?

HybridHEAT, a system designed and manufactured by HögforsGST, is best suited to the needs of large properties, such as apartment buildings, commercial properties or industrial buildings.

In addition to heating individual buildings with HybridHEAT, it is also possible to heat properties consisting of several buildings or even entire neighborhoods.

We have implemented hybrid heating systems ranging from small apartment buildings with 16 apartments to neighborhoods with thousands of residents.

What parts does the system consist of?

The main components of the hybrid heating system are the previously mentioned hybrid heating substation and special equipment related to the selected heating method, such as a heat pumps, heat recovery units or geothermal wells.

The HybridHEAT system is always equipped with the smart Fiksu Control System.

Fiksu Control System ensures that the heating system works with the best possible efficiency at all times.

With the help of Fiksu, you can always choose the cheapest heat source for use at any given time. Thus, saving on heating costs has been made easy and effortless.

Fiksu also allows you to remotely monitor and control the heating system through your computer or smartphone.

Fiksu control system being operated on a mobile phone

Fiksu Control System can be accessed through a web browser on your smartphone or computer.

What are the benefits?

The first benefit of by hybrid heating is the savings: with the help of a hybrid system, the property saves significant amounts of energy, which also means significant amounts of money. At the same time, the property’s heating-related emissions also decrease.

Another major benefit is the system’s flexibility. When there are two or more heat sources in the system, it is possible for the property to take advantage of the price fluctuations of the heat sources.

For example, a system that utilizes district heating and exhaust air heat recovery can produce heat with the help of a heat pump when electricity is cheap. Vice versa: when the price of electricity soars, district heating can be used. District heating is also a maintenance-free form of heating with a guaranteed security of supply.

A third benefit is that the residents can enjoy hassle-free heating. In addition to the smart Fiksu Control System, HybridHEAT comes with comprehensive technical support, from which you can also get tips to improve the system’s efficiency and lower your heating costs.

The system provides the residents with accurate reports, so you can monitor your own energy consumption almost in real time.

HögforsGST’s HybridHEAT is a turnkey product developed and manufactured in Finland, designed for Nordic conditions. Hundreds of our customers around Finland and the Nordics can guarantee that hybrid heating works and saves money.