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Hybrid heating products

HybridHEAT is a futureproof modular hybrid heating system that enables the integration of different heat sources into one functional unit. We have designed the system primarily for the heating needs of terraced houses, apartment buildings and large properties such as office and commercial buildings.

  • Heat Recovery Unit

    Heat Recovery Unit

    Our redesigned heat recovery unit is one of the most important pieces of the modern HybridHEAT system. An efficient heat recovery unit enables property owners to achieve significant cost savings and emission reductions when waste heat from the exhaust air is recycled in heating the property.

  • HybridREADY Substation

    HybridREADY Substation

    HybridREADY is a 4th Generation substation with state-of-the-art features. HybridREADY is not only equipped with our remote-controlled Fiksu Control System, but it also comes with the option of connecting additional heating sources to the property’s heating system.