Product description

Our redesigned heat recovery unit is one of the most important pieces of the modern HybridHEAT system. An efficient heat recovery unit enables property owners to achieve significant cost savings and emission reductions when waste heat from the exhaust air is recycled in heating the property.

Exhaust air heat is recovered by an efficient three-phase cell, and smart features take care of optimizing the heat recovery process. Remotely monitored humidity and flow sensors, as well as a remotely controlled control valve integrated in the flow sensor provide accurate information about system operation and ensure that energy is recovered with the best possible efficiency. Remote control and management of the system is easy via Fiksu Control System.

In addition to excellent efficiency, heat recovery our unit operates with smaller piping and heat transfer fluid volumes. The installation costs are lower, which shortens the payback time of the investment. The heat recovery unit complies with EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards. The redesigned frame is more rigid, tighter and easier to maintain.

The heat recovery unit is available in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

Key features

  • The three-phase cell enhances heat recovery and reduces installation and operating costs
  • Humidity sensor optimizes heat recovery efficiency
  • Rigid, compact and maintenance-friendly frame construction
  • EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards
  • Four different sizes

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