GST District Heating Substation

For space heating, air conditioning systems and domestic hot water

The GST substation is suitable for use in both new buildings and renovation projects. The GST substation is provided with brazed or gasketed - world top class plate heat exchangers with heat surface plates made of stainless steel. GST substation is reliable and most efficient compared to its size.

GST substations are light-weight and have a compact construction. The substations are manufactured using standard components, thus enabling short delivery times. Other features include easy transportation, installation and the fact that all components are readily accessible for inspection and future service.

Compact construction and easy installation

The GST substation is installed on the floor using a platform with adjustable legs. At the installation site, the unit's pipes are connected to the district heating, heating, air conditioning and hot water systems. The GST substation only requires power supply, installation of the outdoor sensor, and cable connections for the necessary alarms. The GST substation is then ready for use.

GST Substations are dimensioned with the knowledge based on strong experience. As our customer You get substation with optimized properties, manufactured from well known quality components and materials. This means reliability - long and carefree operation time for one of the most important element in the buildings heating system.  Not only is our substation technically very competitive, you will have your new GST substation very rapidly at your disposal.

GST Product Sheet