The old hospital environment of Kurjenlinna, built in the 19th century, is undergoing almost a complete transformation. The former hospital that was left to decay is currently being redeveloped for residential and office use, where history and state-of-the-art technology meet seamlessly.

Five new blocks of flats will be built in the Kurjenlinna area, and the existing buildings in the area will be renovated. The area is about 2.7 hectares, and when completed, 300 to 550 new inhabitants will move to the area. The ratio between office space and living space is tentatively 30% -70%.

Extensive history and modern energy solutions create a sustainable entity

According to Niko Lappainen, Managing Director of Vuokrakartio Oy, which is responsible for the renovation of the Kurjenlinna area, it is an area of ​​cultural and historical importance whose history is to be respected. At the same time, Kurjenlinna wants to create a modern entity that takes the future into account.
– Environmental values ​​and sustainable use of energy are important principles for us. We are looking for the best energy technology solutions for heating and cooling that provide good indoor air in these old, valuable buildings. The project will also utilize solar energy, Lappalainen says.

Energy efficiency is achieved with domestic know-how

HögforsGST, who has solid experience in both traditional heating solutions and modern smart heating systems, was selected as the designer and supplier of the heating system.

– The Kurjenlinna renovation project utilizes the most modern of heating systems available. The site combines several different forms of heating such as geothermal energy and heat recovery. Environmentally friendly heat sources combined with state-of-the-art technology provide an unprecedented energy-efficient package, says Antti Hartman, Managing Director of HögforsGST.

In the heating system designed by HögforsGST, geothermal heat is the main source of heat. In addition, a heat recovery system for exhaust air is installed on the property to maximize the utilization of the energy used by the property. In summer heat, the same system also works for cooling air recovery. The package also includes HögforsGST’s Fiksu Control System, which enables remote controlling and monitoring of the entire heating system.

A historically significant site is an example of a modern urban environment at the same time

According to Lappalainen and Hartman, the site is significant both in construction and symbolic terms

– There is also a lot of symbolism involved in the renovation of a more than 100 year old building complex. The story of the place, the engineering solutions and the location make it a unique package. It is wonderful to be involved in writing the next chapter of the Kurjenlinna story and bringing the area up to date without forgetting its history.
The extraordinarily energy-efficient solutions of Kurjenlinna also mean a much smaller carbon footprint for new residents. Thus, Kurjenlinna is an example to the entire city of Turku of how the common goal of a cleaner urban environment and carbon-neutral Turku by 2029 can be achieved. This is also in line with the values ​​of the HögforsGST, which supplied the heating system.

– We want to take concrete action against the climate change. Not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk. The City of Turku’s goal of carbon neutrality is ambitious but certainly achievable. For our part, we wanted to support Turku people in their goal and joined the Turku Climate Team during a site visit in October! We encourage other companies and communities to take action and join the common front, says Hartman.