HögforsGST is involved in the RESPONSE project, funded by the European Commission, which aims to create a strategic vision for the energy transition of smart cities towards climate neutrality by 2050. In order to realize this vision, RESPONSE strives to solve challenges related to energy security, affordability and environmental sustainability. RESPONSE is a project involving not only two lighthouse cities (Dijon and Turku) but also eight partner cities. RESPONSE is a part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

HögforsGST is part of an international consortium with a total of 53 partners. HögforsGST’s role in the project focuses on enhancing the efficiency and innovation of energy solutions in the Turku Student Village.

Antti Hartman, CEO of HögforsGST, is naturally excited about the opportunities the project brings.

– Thanks to the RESPONSE project, we are able to develop new and innovative energy solutions in a practical environment in cooperation with other experts. This is a major project for HögforsGST, the City of Turku and whole Europe as well. The project enables us to make additional investments in the product development of HybridHEAT and Fiksu solutions, Hartman says.

HögforsGST is involved in supplying a state-of-the-art energy system to the Turku Student Village. The system is a hybrid heating system that produces heating and cooling. In addition to district heating, its energy sources include e.g. cooling networks, exhaust air heat recovery and district heating return network. The system is also part of a two-way district heating network: the extra energy it produces is transferred into the district heating network to heat neighboring properties. HögforsGST has been involved in implementing similar energy solutions in other European cities as well.

RESPONSE is part of a larger revolution in the energy sector

The RESPONSE project is not just an individual attempt to innovate new energy systems, but similar projects have been underway around the world for years. According to Antti Hartman, the energy sector is now in transition.

– This kind of development is accelerated by technical advancements but also the pressure from climate change. There is an ever-increasing need for more efficient and cleaner energy systems, and that is exactly what the RESPONSE project is trying to offer.

Finnish companies and research institutes have excelled as pioneers in the energy sector. In addition to HögforsGST, the RESPONSE project involves other pioneer companies and organizations such as Turku Energia, Oilon and the University of Turku. The local ecosystem project is led by the City of Turku and involves a total of 18 partners.

– Finnish companies and research institutes are pioneers in energy efficiency technologies in many fields. Now this know-how can be further developed in cooperation, Hartman concludes.

The project started on October 1, 2020, and a formal kick-off meeting is scheduled for 3-4. November.