The construction project for HögforsGST’s new factory, which began in April 2019, has reached its final stage. Production facilities in Leppävirta will expand with a production area of ​​over 3,000 square meters, which will allow for increased production and increased investment in energy efficiency technology.

The new facility will add 3,000 square meters of much needed space

According to Tero Tikanmäki, Director of Production and Procurement, additional space is urgently needed.

– We are shipping products our at a rate we’ve never seen before, hence our current space is getting too small. The new production facility will allow for increased production as well as more efficient production management and logistics.

All of HögforsGST’s products are currently manufactured at the factory at Leppävirta’s headquarters and in a leased production facility a few kilometers away. Tikanmäki says that the new plant will allow the production of rented premises to be transferred entirely to HögforsGST’s own site.

– Everyday work becomes easier when all functions are close to each other.

According to constructor Jukka Huttunen , the project is well on schedule.

– The building phase will be completed by the end of January, so it is possible to start moving in at the beginning of February.

Extra capacity for both old and new innovations

When the new plant is completed, some of the existing facilities will move under a new roof.

– Part-fabrication and assembly of heat recovery units will be relocated from the existing factory. The assembly functions of mixing circuits and Unis substations will be transferred to the new plant from the leased premises, Tikanmäki lists.

– This will enable the production capacity of GST substations to be increased in existing facilities. The operating and testing capacity of hybrid systems is also expanding. We are also building more office space in connection with the new production facility.

HögforsGST’s new factory and its heating system is one of a kind

The new production facility will also enable piloting of new innovations and products. According to Tikanmäki, the heating system currently under construction at the plant is unique.

– The heating and cooling of the property will be implemented as a hybrid solution. The main source of heat is geothermal, which is combined with efficient heat recovery. The property will be equipped with innovative heating and cooling solutions developed by us, which will form a unique entity.

Antti Hartman, Managing Director of HögforsGST, is also excited about the opportunities presented by the new production facility.

– As the demand grew, our current factory just became too small for us. Now we are able to raise our production to the level of demand. The new plant will also serve as a testing laboratory for our heating solutions, where we can transform our wildest ideas into state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the new systems!