Unis 25-2R Wall Mounted Substation

Unis 25-2R is designed especially for radiator-heated single-family houses without hot water circuits. For underfloor heating applications, the Unis 25-2R requires the installation of a block thermostat.

All of our Unis substations have recently gone through a redesign, which makes the substations easier to maneuver, install and maintain. The new and improved Unis substations boast the following new features

  • Improved components, such as heat exchangers.
  • Sturdier structure makes the substation more robust.
  • Redesigned layout for the pipes: better maneuverability and easier installation. New layout also makes maintenance easier.

The substation is wall-mounted and very compact. It comes with fasteners that allow for quick and easy installation.  The plumbing is made of stainless steel. A standard delivery includes sensor pockets.

Our experts have carefully selected the components that are of the highest quality. In addition, our substations are always designed with energy efficient in mind.

Unis 25-2R substation is a product of the highest quality, energy-efficient, easy-to-use and design in a class of its own.

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