Unique Heating System for Unique Landmark

One of the buildings in Jönköping’s new Munksjöstaden district rises to the sky like an exclamation mark. This 16-storey office building has a self-regulating air conditioning system that heats and cools the property as needed. The heart of the system is built and delivered by HögforsGST.

Jönköping’s Munksjöstaden is an old industrial area that has now been transformed into a completely new, centrally located neighborhood with apartments, offices, shops and waterfront areas. One of the properties is particularly visible from a distance. It is Jönköping’s tallest building, the Munksjötornet, which has been in use since 2016. The 16 floors of the building are now filled with companies from different sectors and industries.

Unique system in the world

Thanks to its self-regulating air conditioning system, Munksjötornet is unique in the world. The property has no radiators, valve controls or other room-specific heat or cooling controls. Instead, the adjustment is done by baffles on each floor connected to a common feed and return system. Excess heat or cold generated in some parts of the house can be used where needed. The need for cooling is 50 percent and the need for heating is 15 percent lower compared to conventional properties.

“We are very proud to have a HögforsGST inside a property that has attracted so much attention,” says Urban Gustavsson of HögforsGST Sweden. We have a long and good relationship with Bankeryds Rör, who does all HVAC work in Munksjöstaden. For Munksjötornet, we have supplied a custom-built system with a combination shunt for both heat and cold, a district cooling unit and a district heating center. The air conditioning system in the house has received excellent reviews, which shows that we can develop a workable solution even when the requirements and conditions are very specific.

Flexible solutions

Bankeryds Rör, part of the Assemblin Group, is working on several properties in the new district of Jönköping.
“It was natural to work with HögforsGST with the Munksjötornet project,” says Lars Svensson, CEO of Bankeryds Rör. We have been working with HögforsGST for many years and on numerous projects. Now we are continuing our cooperation in Munksjöstaden where we install special solutions for both district heating and district cooling. It is a series of new quarters, with everything from apartments and garages to shops, preschool and health center. We do a great deal of district heating and district cooling, and we have only good things to say about HögforsGST and how they work. They are open, reliable, and provide quick answers to our design-related questions and other inquiries. In addition, they always develop flexible solutions, which is important to get the control equipment we need and want.

HögforsGST’s equipment deliveries to Munksjötornet:

• Combined Shunt GST MIX C / H

• District heating substation GST-2 for heating and domestic hot water

• District cooling substation GST-1 for cooling