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Benefits of factory-built units

Factory-built machine units have several benefits compared to units built on site. They are for example higher quality, smaller and more reliable, as they’re built in a factory environment designed for this particular manufacturing. They are also designed as a complete unit, enabling the optimization of their dimensions while ensuring that user-friendliness is not compromised.

The overall costs are also lower due to significantly lower installation costs. Furthermore machine units can be installed and commissioned very quickly, as they are delivered as a unit that has been tested and is ready for connection.

HybridHEAT – A system full of benefits

We at HögforsGST are experts in heating systems. With us, the projects proceed smoothly from design to implementation and you’ll receive a reliable heating solution and comprehensive technical support.

HybridHEAT is the latest innovation in our product line-up. Its strengths are the generated savings, long life span and smooth delivery. The system is also environmentally friendly as it significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and allows the building to utilize renewable energy in heating.

Every HybridHEAT system comes with a possibility to later connect additional heating sources to the system. All of this reduces the energy consumption during the heating season.

Getting started

To explore HögforsGST’s heating solutions, feel free to browse through the material provided on our website and contact our sales team! Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to evaluate your building’s heating needs and recommend the ideal solution for your requirements.