Product description

Dirt can cause several issues in heating and cooling systems. Among the most common problems are corrosion, reduced component service life and breakage, increased servicing needs and costs.

Inside the DirtVec unit the tank’s flow volume causes the fluid’s flow rate to decrease rapidly, effectively separating solid impurities and causing them to sink to the discharge chamber located at the bottom of the tank. The collected residue is thus removed from the main flow and does not cause increased pressure loss.

A traditional dirt separator can typically only separate impurities larger than 300 μm (0.3 mm), but DirtVec’s separating capability covers particulates as small as 5 μm (0.005mm)! In other words, the separating capability of DirtVec units is several orders of magnitude higher than that of traditional dirt separators, even covering impurities invisible to the naked eye (< 0.1 mm).

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