AirDirtVec Deareator/Particle Separator

AirDirtVec removes loose and dissolved air as well as particulate impurities.

Inside the AirDirtVec unit, the water's flow rate decreases rapidly, effectively separating microbubbles and particulates. Air bubbles automatically rise to the air bleeding valve at the top while particles that are heavier than water sink to the bottom of the unit. The collected residue is thus removed from the main flow and does not cause increased pressure loss.

A traditional dirt separator can typically only separate impurities larger than 300 μm (0.3 mm), but AirDirtVec's separating capability covers particulates as small as 5 μm (0.005 mm)! In other words, the separating capability of AirDirtVec units is several orders of magnitude higher than that of traditional dirt separators, even covering impurities invisible to the naked eye (< 0.1 mm).

AirDirtVec Product Sheet