HybridREADY Substation

HybridREADY is a 4th Generation substation with state-of-the-art features. HybridREADY is not only equipped with our remote-controlled Fiksu Control System, but it also comes with the option of connecting additional heating sources to the property's heating system! Simply put, it works like this:

Old substation is replaced with HybridREADY substation. The property is now connected to the 4th Generation District Heating network and is able to remotely control and monitor the heating system through Fiksu Control System. HybridREADY substation improves energy efficiency and gives the property an option to add new energy sources to their heating system at a later point in time. The heating system can be extended with virtually any form of energy: waste heat recovery, geothermal heat, solar panels et cetera!

HybridREADY is a durable, easy-to-operate and reliable product designed and made in Leppävirta, Finland. 

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