Better Heating With Smaller Expenses

As Oy Leikkipolku in Kuusankoski was built in 1974 and it has 60 apartments. When the modernization of its heating and ventilation system became timely, the HögforsGST HybridHEAT system was purchased for the apartment building. The condominium is pleased with the smooth cooperation and installation of the system.

– HögforsGST has made heat recovery for Leikkipolku, says Matti Virtanen, board member of the condominium.

Heat recovery is not nonsense

– It was of utmost importance to us that the equipment would be replaced. Even the roof fans were from 1974, says Virtanen.

The heat distribution room in the building was almost completely taken apart. Only the district heating unit was left there. Components that had been tested at the HögforsGST plant were also delivered to the site. According to Virtanen, the system was installed quickly. The installers had all the necessary equipment in a neat container in the yard of the apartment building.

– You know it, heat recovery is not nonsense. It saves money. If twenty-three-degree warm air is thrown to the magpies or alternatively recovered and transferred to the heating system, then there is a clear difference, says Virtanen.

The devices are silent and reliable

According to Virtanen, the new system has brought clear savings. The calculations must take into account what kind of winter there has been. According to Virtanen, however, it can be said that the financial savings have been about 8,000€ per year and energy has been saved for about 230 MWh. Thus, the investment will pay off in about seven years.

– Then, of course, the new equipment, such as fans, is silent and reliable. That’s a great thing, Virtanen mentions.

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