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Our Engineer Service supports HVAC professionals in the design of heating and cooling solutions. We produce device and system design, wiring diagrams, and functional descriptions in collaboration with industry professionals to ensure optimal delivery to and from the destination.

System design is emphasized especially when designing hybrid heating systems. Our HybridHEAT system is so much more than just a delivery of equipment or parts. The complete system includes a comprehensive service package with all system components and a comprehensive control system for them.

Everything starts with project planning, where we are strongly involved in supporting the designers. Our engineer service is always started by mapping the item and completing the item source form.

Precise measured input data such as heating mode, air volume and other information affecting the dimensioning are completed on the output form. Based on the input data, our Engineer Service will design the system and will be able to provide an on-site savings calculation that will provide the final customer with an estimate of the return on investment.

Rejlers Finland Oy found Engineer Service helpful

A few years ago, a condominium at Tampere, Finland went through a major HVAC renovation. The designing of the project was done by Rejlers Finland Oy.

– HögforsGST provided easy and clear diagrams and reports, says Sami Ritola, who works as a HVAC designer at Rejlers Oy.

HögforsGST strives to provide assistance for designers in these comprehensive projects, which allowes them to focus fully on design work.

– The best part is that this system comes as a whole. In this case, the district heating substation and the heat recovery system are designed to function as a part of one smart control system, Ritola explains.

In addition to the simplicity of the package, Ritola places great importance on monitoring the warranty period. This enables the end customer to have the best possible product with confidence. HögforsGST is therefore committed to designing and optimizing its products for each customer.

– All adjustments are in order and the system is operating at its best efficiency. Then everything works as planned, Ritola states.

Good installation instructions

From the designer’s point of view, especially HögforsGST’s comprehensive and good materials, clear pictures and good installation instructions are emphasized. Ritola therefore recommends Högfors to end customers in addition to their colleagues.

– The cooperation with HögforsGST has worked well. I can recommend HögforsGST to condominiums, property managers and HVAC colleagues, ”says Ritola.

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