Hybrid-system for an Industrial Property

Joel Mäkelä from Orimattila purchased a heating system for his industrial hall from HögforsGST Oy. He is pleased with the quality of the equipment he has acquired and the customer-oriented service he has received.

Joel purchased a HybridAIR system from HögforsGST, an air-to-water heat pump incorporating the FIKSU control system. The system uses an air-to-water heat pump as the primary heat source and district heating as a secondary source. According to Joel, communication with HögforsGST was easy from the design phase, and the modern system was designed with the customer in mind.

– HögforsGST has very advanced hardware. That’s exactly what I needed, Joel says.

HögforsGST stood out in the comparison

– I compared several options on the market. Nobody else had such a good, completely remote monitoring system, Joel estimates.

There have been tangible benefits to implementing the system. These include the high reliability of the heat supply and the cost savings of the equipment.

– Property costs have fallen. Fiksu Control System shows detailed reports of your savings in a specified time frame, Joel says.

Customer service and professionalism are at stake

Joel says he is very pleased with the professionalism of HögforsGST team. For example, the welds and joints in the equipment are clean and the components selected are of high quality. The company staff has been available whenever needed.

-I would recommend the company to anyone who needs such equipment. I am a tough customer, so I’ll give them an overall grade of 9½, Joel laughs.

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