Better Heating With Half of the Expenses

HögforsGST renovated a heating and heat recovery system for Maasälväntie 6, a condominium in Helsinki. The renovation went well and was completed on schedule. District heating consumption has decreased by up to 50%, thanks to the renovation.

Maasälväntie 6 in Pihlajamäki was built in the 1960s. The houses in the area, including Maasälväntie 6, are museum-protected. Egil Sundberg, a board member of the condominium, was closely involved in the renovation from start to finish.

– I am a former technical manager and currently involved in three different boards, says Sundberg.

“HögforsGST promised 50% heat recovery”

The purpose was to utilize the heating energy discharged by the building’s exhaust air. HögforsGST supplied the building with a brand new HybridHEAT heating and heat recovery system. The complete package provided by HögforsGST convinced with its ease of use, installation and market friendliness.

– The old system worked so that when the room was 23-24 degrees Celsius in the winter, for example, the heat went into the sky, into the nature, Sundberg recalls.

– HögforsGST promised to recover 50% of the heat. It has been realized during the first year. All the heat in the floors, in the sauna and in the bathroom now comes from that so-called free energy that is recovered, Sundberg says.

Heating works and saves energy

The renovation went smoothly, according to Sunberg. The work was completed on schedule. The heating system has functioned normally and has delivered the promised results.

– Not a lot of bumps were on the road from anyone’s side. When the project is completed within schedule, the heating works and the energy is saved, I guess it can only be good, Sundberg sums up.

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