Great Cooperation Between HögforsGST and TRP Group

TRP Group is a HVAC company specializing in ventilation work. The company has installed HögforsGST’s HybridHEAT systems for apartment buildings, which have always been delivered on time.

Teuvo Hannula is the Installation Manager at TRP Group. The company’s recent projects include, for example, As Oy Kiikari by the Aura River in Turku. The HybridHEAT heating, ventilation and heat recovery system was installed in the apartment building .

“We at TRP Group carry out plumbing, electrical and ventilation work and related ancillary activities,” says Hannula.

Deliveries will be on time

– We have been working with HögforsGST for a long time. As Oy Kiikari was the third site where we installed the HybridHEAT system, Hannula mentions.

The hybrid system has been in operation for six months. TRP Group has promised the customer housing company a degree of efficiency. At the moment, the goal is well on the plus side. According to Hannula, the biggest benefit of a HybridHEAT system for a condominium are the financial savings.

– The hardware came to us just on the appointed day. All the assistance and start-up measures that had been agreed also took place according to schedule, Hannula recalls.

The flexibility is top notch

TRP Group has also implemented systems with other partners. However, the cooperation with HögforsGST has gone so well that they are happy to be a partner.

– For them, the reliability and flexibility of the operations and the help offered are the absolute best in the market, Hannula sums up.

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