A Contractor’s Experience with HögforsGST

A customer of HögforsGST, Vehmasputki, is involved in HVAC contracting, among other related projects. Jani Manner, who works at Vehmasputki Oy, has followed the implementation of HögforsGST’s HybridHEAT system, which he says has been easy.

Vehmasputki operates mainly in Pori, but also elsewhere in Satakunta province. The company employs about fifty people.

“We do plumbing and cooling, among other things, to serve our customers in many ways,” says Manner.

– A property next to Pori Market Square was renovated in cooperation with HögforsGST. We carried out a heat recovery of the exhaust air in the building and refurbished the heat distribution technology, says Manner.

HögforsGST offered a really good alternative in equipment delivery for the Vehmasputki’s project. The system was also easy to install due to the finalized documentation.

– HögforsGST has a complete solution for this type of building, so there was no point in planning the project from scratch. On top of that, the system was easy to install, according to Manner.

Hardware that saves energy

Manner states that the five-year guarantee HögforsGST offers is not something to be taken for granted. According to him, the use of equipment saves energy and thus money, which is important to the end customer.

– I recommend cooperating with HögforsGST to condominiums and contractors. Delivery of the systems is easy and a five-year warranty is a big deal, Manner sums up.

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