HögforsGST in climate-smart World Trade Center

Växjö’s new railway station area provides train travelers with a pleasant entrance to the city. WTC Växjö – which was inaugurated in September 2016 – is located right next to the railway station and transportation centre. The building’s seven storeys contain a total of approximately 6,000 square metres of office space as well as conference and café space. There is a two-storey underground garage for tenants, the general public and travelers.

Energy-efficient property

Växjö works based on the motto “Europe’s Greenest City”, which is an expression of the city’s ambition to invest in a sustainable future. The municipality sold the land upon which WTC Växjö was built to Skanska, which constructed the climate-smart office building with energy-efficient options and solutions. Among other things, the property has a well-insulated building envelope and was primarily built using wood, stone and glass materials. The eco-friendly and secure energy supply consists of district heating, district cooling and geothermal heating from Växjö Energi, a local company. The heart of the thermo-technical system was supplied by HögforsGST.

“As a local Växjö company and an advocate for district heating, it was naturally very exciting to be a part of this progressive project,” says Urban Gustavsson of HögforsGST Sweden. “We supplied the district heating controller, district cooling controller, shunt groups and geothermal heating controller used in WTC Växjö”.

Waste-energy warms the ground

The geothermal heat is delivered to the walkway outside the building and to the ramps leading to the garage. This is a climate-smart way to increase both comfort and safety since the residual heat removes snow and ice outside the building in the winter. The residual heat used outdoors arises when district heating is transported to the property.

Bravida VS Växjö took care of the plumbing installations in WTC Växjö, and Görgen Orre was the project manager.

“We chose equipment from HögforsGST since we have cooperated with the company for a long time, and our experience has been positive. HögforsGST is one of Bravida’s suppliers, and we always ask the company to take part in projects like this,” says Görgen Orre.

Scope of supply

HögforsGST supplied the following for World Trade Center Växjö:

  • District heating substation
  • District cooling substation
  • Shunt groups (MIX)
  • Geothermal heating substation