In addition to reliable and high-quality heat distribution equipment, HögforsGST’s range of services also includes top-notch software expertise. HögforsGST’s Fiksu is a smart control system that brings intelligence into heating systems. Fiksu is designed to make heating effortless and energy efficient.

Jussi Sjöström, what is the Fiksu Control System?

– Fiksu is a browser-based control system featuring remote control and energy saving optimization features for heating. It’s like the Windows of heating systems. Fiksu enables remote monitoring and control of the entire heating system, while producing comprehensive reports on the system’s operation and energy savings.

How is Fiksu different from control systems that are already on the market?

– Fiksu is the only control system in the world that combines all heating functions. Heating systems are often controlled and monitored by the devices’ own control systems, while Fiksu connects all the devices to the same view and user interface.

– Fiksu is also unique in the sense that it’s not only an internal system, but it is also able to produce information externally and distribute it through interfaces to different stakeholders. This feature benefits, for example, power plants that use Fiksu to obtain accurate information about the operation of the district energy network.

To whom is the system designed?

– Fiksu provides benefits to everyone connected in the district energy system, from the system supplier to the end user and the energy plant. Therefore, it can be said that Fiksu is for everyone!

Who developed Fiksu and how does it work?

– Fiksu Control System is the result of HögforsGST’s own development work, which began in 2015. There weren’t any systems like Fiksu available on the market, so we made one ourselves! Fiksu has now been out for five years and the development continues: Fiksu is being updated in the same way as phones’ or computers’ operating systems. We develop Fiksu largely based on the needs of our customers. Features like graphic user interface and the possibility of extensive condition monitoring have been added over the years, thanks to the feedback from our customers.

– Fiksu’s user interface is easy to operate, for example, with the user’s own computer or smartphone and the heating system can be controlled remotely. Fiksu utilizes IoT sensors and a data cloud in which the information produced by the heating system is stored. In addition to data collection, cloud solutions also enable remote technical support. Remote support saves a lot of money over time when the need for on-site visits is reduced.

Fiksu Control System works smoothly on both mobile devices and computers

What are the features of Fiksu?

– The basic principle of Fiksu is to enable intelligent control at the local level, to control and optimize an individual heating system, for example. Fiksu gives the user an opportunity to remotely control and adjust settings, an overview of the entire heating system, a comprehensive document bank, technical support and comprehensive energy saving and consumption reports.

The basic features of Fiksu also include condition monitoring, which allows Fiksu to automatically adjust and optimize the heating system. Fiksu also notifies you if targeted energy savings are not reached, allowing you to react faster to potential system problems. Thanks to Fiksu, malfunctions can also be identified and resolved quickly and smoothly.

What are the benefits of Fiksu compared to a “dumb” heating system?

-The heating system without a smart control system is “blind”, meaning that no precise information is available on its operation. A smart heating system can utilize the information it collects to optimize heating and save energy. A smart system also makes it possible to integrate several different heat sources into the heating system seamlessly and the energy savings are remarkable. Simply put: Fiksu has been developed to save energy.

– Fiksu is useful for many more stakeholders than just the end-user. Installation, commissioning and maintenance run more smoothly and at a lower cost with the help of Fiksu Support. You can also easily check the system information from the electronic document bank without having to dig up any papers.

There has been a lot of talk lately about fourth generation district heating (4GDH). How does Fiksu fit into future energy systems?

– Smart solutions are at the heart of the development of the district heating network and fourth generation district heating. One could say that Fiksu fits this development like a glove.

– Fiksu enables the connection of the heat consumer and energy company. Through Fiksu, the energy plant receives important information on the operation of various parts of the district heating network and is thus able to scale its own production based on this information.

– Knowledge is also a power in the fight against climate change. When thousands of individual properties and energy plants operate energy-efficiently under smart control system, the carbon footprint of heating can be reduced much more efficiently.

What does the future of Fiksu look like, what can we expect?

– As I mentioned, the system is constantly evolving and updating. For the near future, the most significant development step is related to the integration of Fiksu into existing heating systems. In addition, Fiksu is constantly being developed to better meet the needs of the energy industry to make the most of the data collected.

– The advantage of Fiksu is its openness and flexibility. The system will be developed based on future needs and demand. It is impossible to say what Fiksu will look like in five years, as the heating and energy sector is currently developing at a tremendous pace.