Veikkaus, the government-owned betting agency in Finland, has been gradually renewing its headquarters for a longer period of time. 

In 2016, a larger HVAC engine room renovation project was carried out. A new, larger HVAC engine room was built on the roof of the property. The renovation was executed so that the headquarters facilities were in normal use for the duration of the whole renovation. To ensure the success of the project, MIX mixing shunts manufactured by HögforsGST were used. The prefabricated mixing shunts were designed to the requirements of the building and were manufactured at the HögforsGST factory in Leppävirta. Factory-ready shunts were used to speed up the installation on site and to ensure quality even before the installation began.

The purpose of the renovation was to achieve the energy saving goals set for the property. In the past, old ventilation machines were partially powered by pneumatic actuators and did not have heat recovery functions. Now, after the project, the ventilation units are equipped with rotary heat recovery and the cooling condensation network is used to preheat the supply air chamber. HögforsGST also supplied glycol filling and expansion equipment for the system.

The solutions implemented will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the property. Veikkaus has signed a general agreement with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Confederation of Finnish Industries and various trade unions to increase energy efficiency.

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