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District Cooling

A Climate Friendly Way of Cooling

District cooling is basically the opposite of district heating – distribution of cooling energy and collecting of the excessive heat created by buildings. In the process the cooled water is distributed through the municipal district cooling network for cooling the interior air of buildings as well as providing cooling and condensate for various processes.

Cooling energy from a heat pump

Cool water for district cooling is usually produced with heat pump technology. The condensed heat from the process is collected and utilised in district heating. Another way of producing cooling energy is extracting it directly from cold seawater, for example.

The benefits of scale

Compared to the traditional local building specific cooling, district cooling is significantly more environmentally friendly. It is also easier to use, more reliable and more economical. As district cooling is based on centralised energy production, the units are larger, more cost effective and environmentally friendlier than local systems. One district heating pump can replace up to thousand small building-specific units.

Constant cooling

In addition to energy savings, district cooling offers several benefits for buildings. No air or structure-borne noise from cooling units, no indoor units taking up space or outdoor units compromising the appearance of the façade. And no need for service and repair. District cooling is also a reliable option for premises where cooling must work smoothly throughout the year, such as hospitals or data centres.

Reliable and efficient prefabricated district cooling solutions

Our district cooling solutions follow the same innovative principles as our district heating systems. They can also be incorporated in the HybridHEAT system. Fiksu Control System is available for all district cooling solutions.

As district cooling systems are often tailor-made, they tend to be constructed on-site. This takes a lot of time and resources, and the performance and reliability of the system cannot always be guaranteed.

We design and 3D model our district cooling solutions to the exact requirements of the site. The system is manufactured by top professionals at our Leppävirta plant and delivered as a modular delivery directly to the site. The assembly of a prefabricated system saves time and eliminates the need for on-site welding. This improves the entire project flow as well as site management.

Our comprehensive Service & Support services are also available to our district cooling customers.

högforsgst substation seb bank sweden

Large tailor-made substation at SEB Bank's property in Sweden