högforsgst contractors

Efficiency With Quality

Based on our experience the main challenge of our contractor customers is unproductive work. A plumbing service technician might spend up to half of their time on secondary tasks instead of installation work.

We might not be able to fix everything, but we’ll try to do our part. That’s why we ensure that HögforsGST substations and heating systems let HVAC professionals focus on the productive work before, during and after the installation.

How do we make our partners' lives easier?

1. Our salespeople are experienced professionals. They’re familiar with the industry, products and systems and understand how our customers’ companies operate. Request for quotes are promptly answered, they’re clear and include comprehensive additional information, such as wiring diagrams and parts lists. Thanks to our accurate quote calculation, our pricing is constant.

2. The substations are dimensionally accurate according to the site. The maximum dimensions of the substation are made smaller than the installation site, so they’re easy to install. The substations can be delivered disassembled if needed, for example if installation space is limited.

3. For larger projects, the products are 3D modelled. They are built to fit the installation site and are approved by the customer prior to shipping. Precise modelling allows for comprehensive on-site installation preparation before delivery arrives.

4. Deliveries arrive on site promptly on time. Larger assemblies, such as HybridHEAT systems, are delivered to the site in a container. This simplifies site management and protects the equipment until installation.

5. Our factory tested products are easy to install. We develop our products constantly. For example, when upgrading Unis substations, special attention was paid to installability. Large-scale prefabricated assemblies can also be supplied operational, needing no on-site construction.

6. Products always include the necessary connectors and counter flanges. As time isn’t wasted on fetching small parts, the installation goes uninterrupted and the work can be completed quickly. The delivery also includes additional gaskets and other necessary small parts.

7. Our high-quality products are reliable. The contractors don’t need to spend time handling reclamations after the installation. And if there should be a mistake at our end, we’ll sort it out.

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