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Service hub for contractors

We’re here to present the wiser choice for you: our innovative products and services are backed up by equally reliable and straightforward cooperation. To that end, with our support, we aim to make system installation and implementation a breeze. This is why we have gathered relevant information and links into this hub for you on   

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We’ve also gathered our blogs and references related to your job in this section as well. Feel free to browse the materials. We’re here to help you in any way you need! 

Our services for contractors

As a contractor, you’re faced with challenges from many directions. For our part, we at HögforsGST aim to make your job easier by trying to maximize the productive time you have to use. Our salespeople are experienced professionals, we manufacture our equipment to match specified dimensions for your site and make them reliable, create 3D models where needed, deliver on time, make installation easy, and be there for you when you need us. 

As we work for energy to be used wisely, we also provide technical advice and other kinds of support to make your job as a designer as easy as possible. Let us help you in keeping your customers happy by ensuring everything runs smoothly on-site and projects are finished on schedule. 

Why HögforsGST?

You’re in charge of making things happen on schedule and on budget. We at HögforsGST are devoted to doing whatever we can to make your job easier on-site. This means delivering equipment that is easy to install and put to use, and doing that on time.

Our service is characterized by smooth communication and being available to you, so you can get help when you need it. This includes both tech support and our other experts. Altogether us making your job as easy as we are able to makes you able to keep your customer happier by keeping your project both on budget and on schedule.

HögforsGST’s service offering

To make “Energy used wisely” a reality, we offer a comprehensive range of services for HVAC designers, contractors, property managers, and energy industry companies to help them make wiser decisions regarding energy. We also design and produce our own equipment for district heating and hybrid heating in Finland to ensure the equipment we provide meet the high standards we set for our solutions. 

For contractors, we aim to help you in keeping your customers—and yourself—happy by doing our best so everything runs smoothly on-site and things happen on schedule. 

Case studies and references

Latest blogs and articles