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Engineer Service Supports HVAC-professionals

Our Engineer Services are available to help heating and cooling solutions designing HVAC professionals. The support includes for example equipment and system design, wiring diagrams, modelling and operations reports to ensure optimal result for every single system.

We’re happy to provide technical advice or any other kind of support, as we aim to make the designers’ work as easy as possible. Feel free to contact us, we are here to help you!


The importance of system design

System design is especially vital in designing hybrid heating systems. Our HybridHEAT system is more than just an equipment delivery: it’s a complete assembly including components, a comprehensive control system and a service package for the whole system.

Everything starts with project planning

Our Engineering Services begin by measuring and gathering reliable data from the planned system site. Precise measured input data, such as heating format, air volume and other information affecting the design, are entered in an output form.

Based on the data, our Engineer Services will design the system. They also provide an on-site savings calculation that gives the final customer an estimate of the return on investment.

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