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Control Systems

Fiksu Control System

The core of our fourth-generation district heating solutions is the web-based Fiksu Control System, which allows you to monitor and control the whole building’s heating system.

The extensive sensor network of Fiksu measures the indoor temperature and humidity and provides constant data. The information provided by the sensors can be used to fine-tune the heating system according to the situation. This enables you both to save in heating costs and to achieve consistent indoor climate.

A part of your heating solution

Fiksu is not a stand-alone control system, but an integral part of our factory-tested extensive heating solutions. In addition to basic features such as remote monitoring, Fiksu also includes a system-specific service record and service calendar, hardware documentation in electronic format and ability to print out consumption reports.

Control your system remotely

Thanks to Fiksu, the entire heating system is equipped with remote control features, enabling you to easily adjust the system on your PC or mobile device, even away from home. Our Support Service experts also have easy access to remotely adjust and update the system.

Fiksu is an open system that enables you to use the Fiksu Plus feature to integrate other control systems on your property together with Fiksu Control System.

Additional Fiksu Services

You can order spare parts and filters for the heat recovery units from the Fiksu Web Shop

Fiksu Plus Service allows properties' other control systems to be integrated within Fiksu Control System's user interface