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District Heating - 4th Generation is Here

Previous generations of district heating are often associated with massive coal piles and carbon dioxide emissions. However, district heating systems have since evolved into intelligent heat transfer solutions that use versatile energy sources.

The change is driven by the needs of district heating companies to cut their emissions and improve their processes and because of legal obligations. In Finland, for example, a law prohibiting the use of coal in energy and heat production will enter into force in 2029.

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Fourth-generation district heating

The future district heating system is called 4th Generation District Heating or 4GDH. Our new generation systems offer several improvements and opportunities through smart control systems, ability to use new energy sources and two-way district heating.

The main district heating projects in the future will concentrate in recovery and use of waste heat. A plant generating a lot of waste heat will be able to use the excess heat in heating the property. In addition, it can be sold to the district heating network to be used in heating the neighbourhood houses. Naturally the same technology is available for residential properties, which can also recover heat and barter it in the network.

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HybridHEAT offers flexibility

The range of individual properties’ heating solutions is more flexible than ever. Current technology allows us to utilize of multiple heat sources alongside of district heating. These are called hybrid systems.

Hybrid heating can be compared to a hybrid vehicle. Like a car that switches between different energy sources according to need, a heating system can choose between district heating and a heat pump, for example. Our factory tested HybridHEAT system is an excellent option for a housing company looking for an easy upgrade to their heating system.


What next generation
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is really like?

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Control is everything

The whole system works efficiently under intelligent control system. Our versatile Fiksu Control System offers advanced monitoring, IoT applications and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive information on the operation of the property’s entire heating system.

The utilization of the collected data benefits the entire district heating system. For example, property-specific data enables the power plant to estimate consumption peaks, thus making production more predictable. A fourth-generation district heating substation is no longer just a heating but also a data substation.

Simply put, 4GDH is a more flexible, open and environmentally friendly way of heating than its predecessors.


Constant evolution

We have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and selling high quality district heating solutions. During this time, we have constantly developed our company and products. We have upgraded our reliable, high quality third generation Unis and GST substations to the next generation as well as introducing new, energy efficient innovations.

FiksuGST is a fourth-generation district heating substation, which, as the name implies, is equipped with an intelligent Fiksu Control System. The remotely controlled system enables close monitoring of the whole heating system and its optimization. FiksuGST's sister model, HybridREADY, offers an option to upgrade the heating system to a hybrid system later. HybridREADY is also equipped with a smart control system.

The next generation of district heating

FiksuGST 4GDH, a fourth-generation substation, and District Heating After Cooling Solution (DHAC) are the newest additions in our range of innovative district heating products. They don’t just improve the energy efficiency of the property but offer also the cooling of the district heating return water.

The 4GDH substation is equipped with a special heat exchanger component that utilizes the heat energy of the systems return water to heat the domestic hot water circulation. This way, the energy circulating in the property can be used as efficiently as possible. DHAC, on the other hand, utilizes heat pump technology to transfer heat from the return water to the property. Both the 4GDH-substation and DHAC are patented innovations.


MIX Shunt

MIX mixing units are high-tech, high-quality, energy-efficient, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand products that are compatible with nearly all heating systems.

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