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HybridHEAT Combines Multiple Heat Sources

Our HybridHEAT is a futureproof modular heating system that enables the integration of different heat sources into one functional unit. We have designed the system primarily for the heating needs of terraced houses, apartment buildings and large properties such as office and commercial buildings.

At the heart of the system is a heat distribution system that can be tailored to meet different needs. The system seamlessly connects different renewable heat sources, such as geothermal heat, heat pumps or heat recovery to district heating. This enables energy consumption to be cut to half and significantly reduce emissions. The payback time for the HybridHEAT investment is only a few years.

Saving Energy is Saving Money

Investing in a long-life and expandable system is worthwhile. Heating costs are usually the largest single expense for housing companies. HybridHEAT is the most energy efficient solution for apartment buildings or commercial properties as it reduces heating costs by up to 50%. The hybrid solution combines energy from different heat sources and utilizes waste heat to heat the property.

hybridheat saving energy


heating system

hybridheat 3 reasons cheaper
Up to 50 % cheaper heat
hybridheat 3 reasons one system
One system to combine different heat sources
hybridheat 3 reasons climate friendly
Climate friendly solution

A System Full of Benefits

We at HögforsGST are experts in heating systems. With us the projects proceed smoothly from design to implementation and you’ll receive a reliable heating solution and comprehensive technical support.

The HybridHEAT is the latest innovation in our product line-up. Its strengths are the generated savings, long life span and smooth delivery. The system is also environmentally friendly as it significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and allows the building to utilize renewable energy in heating.

Every HybridHEAT system comes with a possibility to later connect additional heating sources to the system. All of this reduces the energy consumption during the heating season.

4th Generation Heating System Available Now

Each property has its unique characteristics. We have designed and tailored the HybridHEAT to fit your property perfectly. Different features of the property are taken into account during the design process, which ensures the most efficient and functional result. The system combines heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water into one functional unit.


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